Shine Cycle: Status update

Since my last entry on my “writing status,” I have gotten very little done. In fact, until this past week all I produced were some vague ideas, a small handful of poems, and the essays that appeared in this space, as part of a generally unproductive month on all fronts.

However, this last week my productivity picked up again. First I wrote the first “page” of the next bit of Sunshine Civil War that I mentioned last month. Then—after wasting half a week researching—I finally started creating my outline of Earth’s future history as it’ll appear in my work; I’m about four centuries in so far, with about two “notable” events per decade, and I have a little more than twice that remaining to do. (Using my “artistic license”, I’m assuming that the Incarnation will have been the midpoint of history.)

And that’s just about all that I managed to get done this past month, in the “writing” category or otherwise. The Lord willing, I’ll be able to keep the momentum I accumulated last week and get caught up or even ahead of schedule on this and my other projects. After I finish the “future history” outline, I plan to start outlining The Invasion, the first planned novel set on Earth in the Second Interuniversal War, part of the third part of the second arc of the highest-level plot.

I hope to have more substantial progress to report early next year.


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