Year-end retrospective, part 2

Last week I began a three-part retrospective of the history of this blog with a summary of previous years. Today I continue with a look back over the first half of this year.

After I finished posting my novelette “A Murder, A Mystery And A Marriage,” I serialized my story “A Backwater Rebellion,” my only other complete piece of any length. I posted the first part in early January, and the rest in the following weeks.

In an essay in early January, I speculated at some length on the nature and identity of the sacraments. Later, I reflected on baptism in particular.

Over the months, I wrote several essays on the history of my strategy game, Strategic Primer, technical challenges of running the campaign and implementing the computer version, and rules and musings for players in the campaign.

After one more background essay, on the phrase “made permanent”, I began posting character profiles. Later on, I wrote more background essays, on the technological level, what I call “applied metaphysics”, and bards. In June I began my discussion of the highest-level plot with a brief outline.

Early in the year I decided to enter several pieces in WEbook’s PageToFame contest. I asked for your help in selecting pieces to enter and in polishing them, and got some assistance, but it turned out my preparations were made under a false impression: WEbook’s idea of a “page” is actually more like half a page.

In May I asked twice for “first readers,” or “beta readers.” I got some advice from readers after that, but I still need a great deal of help revising and polishing my work. And with other things, so I maintain a page listing everything I’ve asked for help with that’s still current.

I continued posting one poem a week. Notable poems from the period include “If you’re not she”, Poetry’s Defence, “Sunbeams dance”, and “To dance the night away”, among others.

Next week I’ll look back over the second half of this year.


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