Shine Cycle: Your Ideal Characterization?

Most of you know by now that in the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation, I base many of my characters (particularly the Chosen) on people I know, who have in some way impressed themselves on my imagination. My method is to consider how the translocation, the abrupt events on their arrival, and life in a world that is in some ways closer to ideal would affect them. Ideally very few if any of those on whom the characters are drawn will be able to determine that they were the models for certain characters. On the other hand, because I want these to be strong characters, something of the model’s passions and ambitions should come through.

All that is merely a preface to a perhaps somewhat awkward question: If I were to write you into the Shine Cycle, how would you like to be portrayed? After the grand change, what would you like to look like, and what would you like to do or be?


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