Year-end retrospective, part 1

As the year draws to a close, it’s somewhat traditional to pause to reflect. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking back over the short history of this blog, particularly this year1. Today I’ll briefly review posts from previous years, since there isn’t a previous blog-retrospective to pick up from.

I began this blog in the last days of 2008, beginning with an introduction and then reposting nearly all of my Facebook Notes. Most of those dealt with Strategic Primer, trying to recruit players to the then-new campaign and giving introductory information to the players. Others included responses to trailers for and reviews of Prince Caspian, and my review of the film (all those are now linked from the movies page); a review of the first half of the Sharing Knife series by Lois McMaster Bujold; and my thoughts on witnessing my brother’s high school graduation ceremony.

After that, I let the blog lapse somewhat. I posted the poem I wrote for my high school class poem on Calvin’s graduation day, and beginning the “Best Books?” list of books that I think everyone should read.

In August I began posting my poetry, at the unustainable rate of about three poems a week. Posts on other topics were interspersed among the poems as I produced them (more on that in a moment), but until after Advent I continued that daunting pace. A few perhaps notable poems were:

(Do you think some others posted in 2009 are more noteworthy?)

I began an intermittent series describing programs I need that don’t exist yet. And while I had expected to write and post several essays on political, religious, and philosophical topics, other than the Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day posts the only such essay I wrote that year was a response to liberal columnist Ellen Goodman’s piece arguing that even traditional-marriage states should allow “married” homosexuals from other states to divorce.

In November I began serializing my one complete work of any length that’s largely presentable, the novelette “A Murder, A Mystery, And A Marriage.” (Yes, that’s the same title as the Mark Twain novel discovered several years back; I explain in the preface, which accompanies the first part.)

After Advent I began a new posting schedule, dropping to one poem a week and adding regular columns about the Shine Cycle and Strategic Primer to maintain the same posting frequency. But none of the posts that first week, before the new year, was particularly noteworthy.

Next week I’ll highlight some of the best, most important, or most notable posts of the first half of this year.

1 Yes, November is somewhat early if we’re going by the civil calendar, but I have a seasonal series planned for Saturdays in Advent, and I plan to write a more personal year-in-review essay for New Year’s Eve, so this is the best time I can fit this mini-series in. And strictly speaking Advent is the beginning of the Christian year, so I stumbled into an appropriate schedule.


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