“Evening Shadows”

Each Friday I post a poem, until I run out.

The sun slips slowly down to its setting,
And day by day the year draws to a close;
Long shadows stretch across the verdant lawn
And scattered brightly colored fallen leaves,
Still lengthening before at last the night
Falls quickly, silently, upon the town.
An autumn chill descends beside the dusk;
The seasons change again. Soon winter’s breath
Will touch the window panes with frost’s white kiss.

I composed this in my head while mowing a lawn late in the evening in late October, watching shadows fall across the lawn. I originally intended to write more, perhaps some lines extending the idea of autumn as the evening of the year, but I think this stands well as it is. In any case, I earnestly welcome your comments, suggestions, critique, or other feedback about this or any other part of my work. You can also read other poems I’ve posted on my blog.

This poem is also posted on my wiki.


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