Shine Cycle: Status update

Since my last entry on my “writing status,” my background work has continued apace.

On the “character description” front, since that entry I’ve created at least minimal descriptions for about thirty more named characters. About fifty remain for me to get through before I get to the individual histories.

I also made significant progress on the “writing background” front. I now have Vayna and The Dragon Wars down to what I’m calling the “scene” level, though I suspect the terms I’m using are consistently one level too optimistic, making this actually sequences. Much of this last month was spent on determining the primary viewpoint characters for each “sequence” before I made its outline any more detailed. I’m now in the middle of outlining Stone of Power, the first book in the third arc of history, by “sequence.”

I’ve done very little prose writing recently; like I said in the last update, I know what I want to do next in Sunshine Civil War, but now I’m having trouble picturing how it’s supposed to go. On the other hand, I have been getting the old, handwritten drafts of The Invasion and The Alliance typed, so that if there’s any salvageable ideas or text in there I don’t have to go hunting through increasingly-illegible paper pages. And I also have a new idea for how to revise and improve the prologue to An Internal Conflict.

I wrote some new poetry this month, though not as much as in previous months. My recent poetry has also tended to be much less finished as it initially came to me, with a few pieces even stopping in the middle of a sentence where I had no idea how to go on to convey the idea I wanted.

Last month I mentioned entering some pieces into the PageToFame contest. These novel first pages—which I didn’t enter before because a first page is pretty much all I’ve got—have been much better received than anything I’ve entered before, except perhaps a couple of the poems. But I’m nowhere near their minimum number of votes for promotion, so anything can happen in the coming months.


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