“Fleeting Vapor”

Each Friday I post a poem from my archive, until I run out.

Fair friend, have I not wed you in my dreams?
Draw near to me, as my lids droop towards sleep,
And kiss me as I join you in my dream.
For only in my dreams, and in such poems
As will reveal no unintended hint,
Dare I to give, unstinting from my lips,
Such kind affection as your worth demands
Or keep from sighing when I see your image:
But oh, that I might see you when I wake,
Or hear your voice in truth, not memory,
Or feel your arms and in mine hold you tight
As a dear friend long missed if nothing else.
How glad I am each night I see you here
Still waiting for me in this pleasant dream,
But I have sworn allegiance to that King
Who calls us out of slumber into light.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, based on some half-remembered impressions of a few dreams. I’m not sure if it’s really finished, or if it needs some more elaboration of the idea I introduce in the last couple of lines, but since it almost “wrote itself” and nothing to follow those lines came immediately to mind it may be complete as is.

In any case, as always I welcome your comments, critique, suggestions, or any other feedback on this poem or any other part of my work. You can also read other poems I’ve written on my blog.

This poem is also posted on my wiki.


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