“O Felix Culpa?”

Each Friday I post a poem from my archives, until I run out.

I know all faults and failures, sin and flaws,
In grace greatly abounding will become
A good and glory great and grand enough
That we might then, perhaps, prefer the truth,
The past, over the flawless might-have-been
And Milton-like, “O felix culpa!” cry
Had Paul not warned us off that train of thought.
Yet now my heart must wonder: Lord, do you
But weave our falls into your grand design,
Permitting them to bring about our good,
Or do you cause, plan, and direct our faults?
Heaven forbid! that you should knock us down,
Or cause a blameless man to stray away
From your commands, that you then pick us up
And bring him back, to thereby gain our praise.

I wrote this sometime in the last few months, to try to clarify my thoughts about this troubling theological issue. As always I welcome your comments, critique, suggestions, or any other feedback on this poem or any other part of my work.

Also posted on my wiki.


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