Shine Cycle: Status update

I’ve found that writing “status updates” in on my schedule of posts to write for my blog has helped me keep making progress on those projects, and some of you may also be interested in what I’ve been doing about my writing.

I’ve actually done very little actual writing recently, but I’ve accomplished a great deal of background work. This comes in two main categories, which I at present call “writing background” and “character descriptions.” Since I started working on character descriptions several years ago, I have completed over 150 at least cursory descriptions, and have eighty named characters to go. (And counting; every time I associate a name with a new person, I need a description.) When I get close to the end of the “descriptions,” that category will shift to the more time-consuming character histories, which are the longest part of the character profiles. I expect to start those in earnest in November or December.

On the “writing background” side, I’ve been outlining the various books that I plan to write at the most general levels of detail. Most books are now outlined at what I call the sequence level; that’s where I know basically where the story is going to go, but haven’t broken it down into scenes yet. I also haven’t decided on viewpoint characters yet. For the next several months I’ll be going from one planned novel to the next, picking viewpoint characters and then outlining each sequence by planned scene.

I haven’t done much prose writing lately (other than essays for this blog), but I have done some. Notably, I’ve written a little bit of both An Internal Conflict and Desperate Times. I also have an idea of what I want to write next in Sunshine Civil War; that’s simply a matter of making the time to write.

Turning away from prose, I think I’ve written more poetry in the past month or two than the rest of the past couple of years … but that’s not saying much. At present I have six poems left that I consider “presentable” (and one of those really ought to wait until winter, and another until Passion Week), as well as eleven that I think need some but not much revision to become presentable, almost thirty that I think need a lot of revision, about ten that need an ending or some sort of resolution, and twenty that are simply too short. There are also some that I consider too private to post (including poems given to people for birthdays and the like; you know who you are, and if you’d like me to post one of those I’d be glad to but I won’t without your consent).

When WEbook sent me a coupon for free entries to their PageToFame contest last weekend, I took advantage of it to enter three of my lesser novels-in-progress: Vayna, The Stone of Power, and the story of Sherlock Holmes’ arrival in the Empire (which I called The Next Case for them but from now on intend to call The Case of the Suspended Rose—or perhaps “Adventure” rather than “Case”), as well as re-entering An Internal Conflict (the first chapter this time rather than trying to condense the prologue).

Comments? What would you like to read more of?


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