Shine Cycle Outline: Second Arc, Part 2

On Mondays I write background essays on the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation. This is the fourth post in a series giving a general outline of the series; last time I began the second arc of the series.

The second arc continues (as before, titles link to later posts “briefly introducing” the planned works described even more briefly here) with a short interruption known in the outline and in character profiles as “the Reignalmia incident.”

Reignalmia: Reignalmia is a planet (somewhere) with nine inhabited continents. Jon and Primrose Royal, king and queen of Sunshine Kingdom, somehow end up there, remembering basically nothing about their identity. In a quest to recover their memory they end up uniting the various countries of the planet, which then in the end join the Empire. This will be a rather lengthy sub-series, which I’ll describe in more detail in a later post.

Galaxy: The First Galactic War begins in 164 as the Dragon Empire unexpectedly invades two planets, Oceanus and Newfoundworld, trading partners of the Shine and Wild Empire, in a galaxy above the world in which the series has so far mostly been set. The invasions are initially rebuffed with help from the Empire, which arrives quickly due to the spider-ships invented in the end of Space and Time, and settle into sieges as the Dragon Empire invades its terrestrial neighbors. Further troops repel those invasions, lift the planetary sieges, and force the Dragon Empire and its allies to retreat from the two planets, but their forces turn and besiege both the local headquarters of the Empire and its allies and the space station Greyhawk. The Empire lifts these sieges by attacking and besieging the Dragon Empire’s local headquarters, which forces it to seek peace. A period of uneasy peace follows. It is perhaps made more tense by an arms race, culminating in the Empire’s invention of the Force Screen, a shield for spacecraft that is nearly invulnerable to all then-known weapons, in 174. Soon thereafter the Empire and its allies sent ships to watch the Dragon Empire’s space headquarters, then built a wall in space around it to ensure it didn’t violate the terms of the peace treaty. The Dragon Empire’s allies brought in “White Hole Ships,” recently-invented spaceships with a weapon that can exert overwhelming pressure on unshielded matter, and destroyed the wall. This was the first action of the next war. But meanwhile, a woman named Goneril somehow arrived from a small country, alone in its universe, called the Princedom of the Two Rivers, of which she was princess-consort. She became a Lady Mage of the Garden of Then, in the capital of the Empire.

Universe: Soon thereafter, the Dragon Empire sent a strong force to attack two star clusters, first the Despard Cluster as a diversion, then the Hope Cluster, and another to attack the space station Greyhawk. Because of the attempted diversion, the Shine and Wild Empire and its allies could gather their forces and arrive at the Hope Cluster just as the invaders did. Goneril, who had arrived late in the last book, returns to her home universe with a protective guard just before an army from the Dragon Empire arrives there, turning what had been the Second Galactic War into the First Interuniversal War. Meanwhile, agents of the Dragon Empire severely damaged the ancient machinery and workings on the Sea Shield Isle that kept the weather of the Eastern Ocean moderate, and then their own weather-mages took advantage of that lapse to create tsunamis, hurricanes, and the like to batter the coast. The Dragon Empire used that distraction to capture the various islands of the ocean. As soon as possible, the Shine and Wild Empire and its allies invaded and retook the islands and repaired the machinery. They then turned and invaded the Dragon Empire and sent reinforcements to the Two Rivers, the Hope Cluster, and the other remaining battlefields, forcing the Dragon Empire again to seek peace.

There’s still more to the second arc; more in a few weeks.


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