Strategic Primer: Sixth turn summary

The current campaign of Strategic Primer, my strategy game, recently finished its sixth turn.

The trends outlined in last turn’s summary continued; food harvesting for the first year is winding to a close, and nearly all players are substantially increasing their industrial output.

Players are finally starting to delegate administrative responsibilities to their workers, causing a (so far limited) chain of command to form. Most human players now have at least one worker assigned to management duties.

One new player has joined the game; I’d still like several more, and despite my fears the game has not yet reached the point where adding more would cause trouble.

Other than those items, nothing really notable happened that would have reached the other players (since these turn summaries are basically a global rumor system).

Some statistics: Populations vary from 12 to over 45, and food stocks vary from one hundred pounds of food to over two thousand pounds.


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