“I’m on WordPress, but all of my friends are on Blogspot! What do I do?”

I started this blog in the last days of December 2008. I began by (manually) mass-importing all my Facebook Notes, then blogged only intermittently until around October, 2009, when I started posting on the order of three poems a week. In late December of that year I began the schedule that I’ve more or less kept since.

But what I’d like to talk about today isn’t the blog itself, but rather its platform. After considering various such sites, for various reasons—now almost entirely vanished into the mists of oblivion, which is a fancy way of saying I’ve forgotten them—I picked WordPress. I think that one of my reasons was that I knew one person who I knew had a blog on WordPress, and I didn’t know anyone that I knew had a blog elsewhere. (Other possible reasons were its compatibility with offline blog editors, which I no longer use.)

But over the last few months, I’ve discovered that several of my friends have blogs, and most of them are on Blogspot rather than WordPress. (If you’re reading this on my blog itself rather than Facebook, look near the top of the right-hand column, under “Friends and Teachers”: four of the links end in “.wordpress.com”, and seven in “.blogspot.com”. And there’s a few other friends to whom I don’t link but whom I read in my blog reader.) If I’d known this when I started, I would have picked Blogspot to host my blog.

I’m not going to switch; there’s too much invested in this location. For instance, I still regularly get hits to my reply to the Banner‘s review of Prince Caspian. But, if possible, I’d still like to use Blogger’s social features to increase my readership. Is this possible? Is there any way to connect my “following” on Blogspot/Google Reader/Google Buzz to my WordPress blog and vice versa? If not, I still encourage you to link to my posts or my blog itself, to share them on Facebook, and to use the various “social” or “sharing” features available on WordPress—“like”ing, tweeting, or otherwise sharing my posts.


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