“A New Thing”

On Fridays I post poetry from my archive, until I run out.

Lord, here is a new thing within my life:
My longing, lovesick sighs have come again,
But in this case they’re undirected grief,
For I am, at once, like to drown in love
And kind affection from my friends and kin
And lonely as I have but seldom been
Because my thirst for glory is not quenched
By that mere semi-coinherence here,
And, unlike in years past, I cannot see
Your glory irridescent in one face.
Your image in my friends sustains my life,
Though dim and shadowed as your pillared cloud;
Now help me flourish; full communion grant;
In whom with you am I to coinhere?
Lord, if you will not come in glory yet
To bring your children to your promised rest,
Then rest your glory in some human tent.

I probably wrote this in the middle of my senior year of college, though possibly as early as my junior year. Though not intended as such, it makes a nice contrast to week-before-last’s poem, which is several years more recent. In any case, as always I welcome your comments, critique, suggestions, or any other feedback on this poem or any other part of my work.

Cross-posted to my wiki.


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