Help wanted: Turning poems into a book

Looking back over the poems I’ve posted in the past year, and having recently reread some volumes of poetry, I’ve come to a realization: I have enough, in sheer quantity at least if perhaps not in quality, for a book. The volume of poetry that comes most readily to hand has 52 poems in it by my count; I’ve posted over seventy to this blog. This has brought me to the dregs of my archives, but there are at least a few that even I, my worst critic, like.

So I’m thinking of trying to get a book of my poetry published. I’ll try to get a quasi-conventional publisher or agent interested (primarily through WEbook, though if you have any ideas for alternative routes let me know); if nothing comes of that route, I’m thinking of producing it myself through some online print-on-demand/ebook producer. [Update, March 2013: I’m finally heading toward this, but I’m no longer having anything to do with WEbook, and am primarily planning on self-e-publishing.]

But while this blog (in the Poems category) is intended as merely an archive of my poems, a book should be a collection of purposefully selected, polished pieces. So I’d like your help selecting poems to include, and if possible improving them. Which of my poems do you like best?


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