Strategic Primer: Client/Server implementation

On Wednesdays I blog about my strategy game, Strategic Primer.

I’ve been working quite a bit recently on the rewrite of the computer version of Strategic Primer, my strategy game. My progress on intended features had stalled somewhat, but as I mentioned in my posts on designing an API and distinguishing between long-range Goals and short-range Actions, I eventually wanted to separate the program into client and server. I recently began implementing that plan.

This would have been a great deal more difficult had I not taken a course on Operating Systems from Professor Adams when I was at Calvin. With my code from that course, implementing a simple client and server was simple; extending them in functionality has been more difficult because that course did not cover protocol design. For that I decided to use Java’s serialization to pass simple “message” objects over the network.

So far, at least as of late last week, the one server can service multiple clients and clients can tell the server to shut down and to load a map from file. The next step is to add a UI for the client and have the server send data about the map to the client.

Do any more experienced programmers have any advice?


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