Map of the Two Continents

On Mondays I post background materials for the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series in preparation.

Today, instead of more of the outline, another character profile, or a background essay, I bring you a high-level map of the setting of most of the Shine Cycle. This is a political map, showing the borders of countries at one point late in the series, rather than a physical map showing the terrain of the continents. And this is really only a touched-up sketch. Still, this map should prove useful in understanding the events of the series.

I’m only inserting a small version of the map into this post because it’s big enough to mess up the layout. Click on this smaller image to see it full-size.

Map of the two continents

I am not a graphic artist; if someone would like to help me produce better quality maps, I would be grateful. (The vector graphics original from which I produced that bitmapis available on request.)

And, as always, I welcome your comments, suggestions, critique, or other feedback on this or any other part of my work.


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