Character Profile: Flavia

On Mondays I post background essays on my fantasy series in preparation, the Shine Cycle, thus far largely character profiles like this one. The previous profile was of Jeannie.

Flavia – Duchess of Avalon, princess at large, journeyman mage, and a senior analyst in the King’s personal service. Little is known of her because she rarely leaves the island that is the district of Avalon, but the consistent stream of thorough, insightful, and generally correct analysis she produces has endeared her to her superiors.

A somewhat tall woman with thick but not long blond hair. Because of the climate of the island of Avalon, her skin is thoroughly tanned. When she arrived she preferred to keep up with Earth’s fashion trends, but as she grew into her responsibilities she more and more adopted the local version of formal robes.

When she arrived she applied for Imperial Service assignment, was assigned to the mostly unpopular district of Avalon, an island in the northern half of the Continental River, and left the capital in the few days before the Wild Mushroom Kingdom incident unfolded sufficiently to justify concentrating resources on it.

Once there she conducted a rapid survey of previous data, used local instruments and local mages to collect new data, and sent in a very insightful report on the current conditions in the Dragon Empire, with an attached memorandum requesting a more powerful, more defensible observation platform. When her analysis was confirmed the request was granted and a generous allocation of funds came in; a full castle with a world-class Power-enhanced observation platform were completed by the end of the war well under budget, and the extra funds were used to build an improved power plant and several coastal defense platforms.

In 113 she ran for governor of the island, was elected by a wide margin, and was made duchess by the federal government. After data from her castle saved the Empire a substantial amount of money in its extension of the Castle Line in 122 the Parliament voted to make her a princess at large.

After the next war she took a leave of absence to attend the Academy, where she proved to have a strong aptitude for the Power and thus declared it as her primary concentration of study, graduating as a journeyman in 148.

The next profile is of Ephemia.


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