Strategic Primer: Balance consultant wanted

A few weeks ago I issued a “last call” for players for the current campaign of my strategy game, Strategic Primer. That offer is still open for a while yet, but if you would like to be involved in the game without spending the time required to be a player, there is one other way.

As I wrote last month, the players have taken directions I hadn’t thought of. To determine the results of their orders requires new rules and statistics. As far as statistics are concerned, I prefer to use data from the real world, but sometimes I can’t find any source that will tell me what I need to know. And there’s no “real world” to draw game rules from. In such cases I have to make something up, and what I come up with should be fair and should not break the balance of the game. Thus far I’ve largely asked other players for advice, but that’s obviously less than ideal.

So I’d like at least one “game balance consultant” whom I can contact to ask about my decisions in the design of Strategic Primer. Not someone to do my research for me, though any useful sources anyone sends my way would be greatly appreciated, but someone to say, “That doesn’t sound quite fair,” “That would make such-and-such too powerful,” or “That doesn’t make sense” if such were the case.

Any volunteers?


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