Strategic Primer: Fifth turn summary

The current campaign of Strategic Primer, my strategy game, recently finished its fifth turn. The following is a summary of the turn’s results. Two new players are expected to join the game starting next turn; I wrote and ran strategies for them up through this turn.

Most players have shifted most of their farmers to harvesting apples, since most other crops’ harvests ended last turn. This has prolonged the period of food surplus somewhat, but most players’ population growth has slowed or even stopped. Several players have also begun implementing different approaches for getting around the new concept of food spoilage.

The trend of shifting emphasis away from agriculture toward infrastructure and exploration continued. Several players have discovered major deposits of natural resources that they can have their workers mine; this has forced me to invent rules for mining, and also prompted them to ask about resources that I hadn’t thought of when I was placing those resources on the map.

Last turn I said that I hadn’t figured out how worker advancement would work; I created rules governing that and implemented them. Many workers have gained a level in at least one skill, but most still have not.

A few statistics: Players’ populations vary from a mere 12 to 33, which is the most possible so far because of the cap on population growth. Food stocks vary from a scant 101 pounds to 5835 pounds.

We’ve just finished the fifth turn, but it’s still possible for a new player to join the game. Since two new players are expected to join the game next turn the need for new players is not quite so acute, but any newcomers would still be quite welcome. If you’d like to join the game, please contact me.


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