“How beautiful you are, my beloved!”

On Fridays I post my poetry, usually from my archive, until I run out. I welcome your comment on this or any other part of my work.

How beautiful you are, my beloved!
Your voice creeps into my ear like music,
And I sit enraptured as I hear it
And enthralled as I gaze at your fair face.
A bang, as always, hangs like a comma
Nearly into your eye, marking your place
In the history of my life. The contrast
Of your garb with the snow makes your beauty
Even more striking. But it was not these —
Nor was it any part of the perfection
Revealed to me within my initial
Beatific vision of you, dear heart —
But rather your bright mind that first lured me.
Blessed are you, O lady sweet and good,
For you bear to me the glory of God.

I probably wrote this late in my sophomore year of college. A few phrases were originally in Latin, but since that added nothing to the poem and might have made it harder to understand for some readers, I revised that away.

I’ve now posted this here and to my wiki. As always, I welcome and solicit your comments, questions, critique, or feedback of any other kind on this poem or any other part of my work.


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