“Fear not, my beloved!”

Each Friday I post one of my poems, usually from my archive, until I run out.

Fear not, my dear beloved, fair and sweet!
Well might you fear my swift and sudden passion —
I do within myself to some extent,
For like unto Minerva, fully formed,
At all points fully armed, and in full strength,
It sprang without some herald to announce it
From whatever place such feelings always come
Into my feeble soul, and did in fact
Subdue therein with such completeness that
I did not recognize its strong dominion there
Until some weeks or even months had passed.
Fear me not! Though all such love may vary,
Waxing and waning in its fervency,
It never quite completely fades away,
But there it lingers in some form for ever.

I probably wrote this poem late in my sophomore year of college, in circumstances I have largely forgotten. I did a few substantial revisions to a few lines while preparing to post it, but it largely remains as I first wrote it.

I’ve posted this here, on my wiki, and to my WEbook account. As always I would like your feedback of any kind (critique, comments, suggestions–for instance, of what to post next or of a better real title for this piece, or anything else) on this poem or any other part of my work.


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