Character Profile: Catherine

For any new readers: On Mondays I post background essays on my series of fantasy novels (in preparation), the Shine Cycle, often character profiles like this one—each of which consists of a summary “entry,” a brief description of the character’s appearance and manner, and an outline of the character’s history in the world in which the series is set. The previous profile was of Judith.

Catherine – Bard and Visiting Scholar, in the Queen’s service in the Imperial Service. Known for her passionate intensity of interest on whatever subject catches her attention, making her a valuable ally in any project despite her only minor strength of Power.

A somewhat tall woman with straight chestnut-brown hair cascading over her shoulders. She prefers loose, flowing robes in rich colors, usually red, and moves with a fluid grace.

History: When she arrived she applied for an Imperial Service position and was placed in the Ministry of Public Health, where she worked in the research division. After being given seniority in 120 that time she took a leave of absence from the Service and applied to the Bardic College, where she was accepted and began her studies in 121. Since she took few classes beyond those necessary for her primary and secondary concentrations in voice and keyboard, respectively, she was named journeyman in 125, earlier than most.

After she was named a bardic Master in 130, she returned to the Service and was in 132 transferred to the Starshine Kingdom, where she was given general research duties. In 140 she was recalled and promoted to the Queen’s service, where she continued her research in the Palace library and was granted seniority there in 148.

The next profile is of Jeannie.


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