“Taliesin before Morgause”

On Fridays I post my poetry; this is from my series set in and around the Arthurian legends. In this poem, Taliesin, a main character of the series and Arthur’s court bard, rebukes Morgause, queen of Orkney.

Lady of Orkney, you shall not presume
To tell the Almighty what he may or may not do.

Who do you think you are?
You challenge the Acts of the Presence
As though they were written in water.
The Lord of Armies cannot lie;
Neither can he retract his given word.
The decrees of the Everlasting are the frame
Upon which the fabric, the tapestry,
Of the universe, of time and space,

Despite you, O queen of Orkney,
The Lord’s voice thunders in the heavens.

A version of this was one of the early poems in the series, written my sophomore or junior year of high school, and I revised it slightly when I went through my drafts of the series my junior year of college (or thereabouts) to rescue anything worth saving.

I’ve now posted this here and on my wiki. As always, I welcome and solicit your comments, questions, critique, or feedback of any other kind on this poem or any other part of my work.


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