Song for the Queen #2

The grass grew long in the golden wood
Between the place where towers stood,
And underneath the mallorn leaves
A man stood weeping at their foot.
The sun shone dimly; leaves stood still;
No breath of breeze disturbed his anguish,
Weeping, weeping, weeping at his endless loss.
Beyond the Sea, on furthest shore,
A lady walked, without her cares,
Forgotten by all those who stood
On shores of Earth, save one who walked
Among the leaves of an Elder hall
Left by its race and unrepaired;
His tears rolled down, down, down his face.

This is the one poem I’ve written “set” in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. I probably wrote it my sophomore or junior year of high school, and as far as I can remember I’ve only made one slight revision since then. The series of “Songs for the Queen” contained at least six poems, of which only four survive and this is the closest to being presentable. I’m posting it here and to my wiki. As always I would like your feedback (of any kind, though the more substantial the better) on this poem and on the rest of my work–comments, questions, suggestions (particularly of what to post next, since I’m running out of material), critique, or anything else. Thank you for reading!


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