Character Profile: Victrix

On Mondays I post background essays on my fantasy series the Shine Cycle, including character profiles like this one. The previous profile was of Cadwallader.

Victrix – Princess at large, bard, and great-mage. A heroine of the Fifth War of the Dragon, she volunteered for research duty later and became an expert in computing networks.

A slender woman of medium height with short, straight light brown hair. She generally favors the comfortable robes popular in the Imperial Service’s research laboratories, though she has them in a cut closer to those favored by bards and mages and prefers brighter colors than many of her colleagues.

When the Fifth War of the Dragon began, she was assigned to an archery regiment which was sent to the northern border of the Dragon Empire. The unit saw very little action, but in their one major battle her unit—and demonstrably her actions—turned the tide from a disastrous defeat to a crushing victory.

After the war she applied for admission to the Bardic College in 113, but her entry was delayed two years due to the overwhelming volume of talented applicants. Since she had bardic talent but little musical skill and less aptitude than some, she had not completed her preliminary studies when the Empire called for volunteers to work in the research industries in 130. At that point she answered the call and was placed in an entry-level position in one of the major computing labs in Capitol, which was near enough to the Bardic College that she continued her studies with night classes.

Within the year she had been promoted to team leader at the lab and was being encouraged to learn system administration; two years later she became a junior administrator of the lab. In 136 she became a senior administrator, and in 139 she was appointed head of the lab when her superior was called up. When the war began she was given the choice between returning to her old post in the field and remaining in the lab, and chose the latter. After the war she oversaw the installation of the first such lab in Diamonddom, but then she began to shift her specialization to networks, supervising the extension of the Castle Line’s computer network.

During the Reignalmia incident she returned to full-time study at the Bardic College, being made journeyman in 147. She took a long tour of the Castle Line, returning to active duty in the lab (with her title of bardic Master) after the Gate Confrontation in 154. When Greyhawk was annexed she advised the King on the computing aspects of that decision, and during the arms race she moved there to take command of its premiere lab, which under her direction contributed some essential code to the invention of the spider-ship.

When the war began she moved back to Capitol and took a position in a government lab, where in 166 she finished an algorithm to increase the safety limit on spider-ships’ speed by 50%; in gratitude Parliament made her a Princess at large. In the arms race that followed the war, her lab produced several minor but useful inventions, and she herself contributed a bit of code later used in the Force Screen.

When her prediction that the Space-Wall would lead to war came true, she was examined by the Academy’s College of Mages to see if she was a latent seer. Their tests were negative on that count, but they determined she had a strong potential for the Power, so she entered the Academy in 180. She was made journeyman in 194 and Master in 205.

The next profile is of Cassandra.


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