“Taliesin at the Throne of Arthur”

On Fridays I post my poetry; this is from my series set in the Arthuriad.

It is a type, or a shadow, of the final throne.
This is built of the majestic oaks
That lined the hall ‘ere it was built,
And lined with gold to match their leaves.

I kneel, head bowed (in the proper mode)
Before Guinevere and Arthur, not looking
Toward the lady I love, who stands
At the high queen’s feet.
Verse and freedom rise, unbidden, to swirl about me.
My harp, at my chair across the hall, stirs
As in anticipation.
My lord bids me rise. I stand slowly,
Eyes on him only, for fear I may forget myself
In the eyes of my beloved.

The final throne, at the world’s ending, shall be white,
With no adornment save the one upon it.

I probably wrote the original version of this poem my junior or senior year of high school, relatively soon after discovering Taliessin through Llogres and The Region of the Summer Stars (to which this series is a sort of homage) but late in this series. I condensed, revised, and edited it into this form sometime several years later, perhaps my junior or senior year of college. In any case, I’ve now also posted this poem on my wiki; I as always eagerly request and greatly appreciate your feedback of any kind (though the more substantial the better), including critique, questions, comments, or suggestions (especially of what to post next, since I’m running out of old material) on this poem. Please review! And thank you.

I’m also looking for “first readers” for my poetry and prose.


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