Strategic Primer: Code Reboot

On Wednesdays I usually write about my strategy game, Strategic Primer.

Last year I wrote that I had “made quite a bit of progress recently” on the computer version of Strategic Primer, my strategy game. In the months since then, I made a great deal of progress, but I also got the code so complicated that when I didn’t work on it for a few weeks, I couldn’t figure out how to do what I wanted to do next, or even where to begin on any useful next feature.

Because of this, I have decided to start over. Again. I hope this will be the last time I do a full project reboot; to that end, I’ll do my best to follow the best practices I asked of the students in the courses I graded to, including thorough tests and documentation.

To recap: Strategic Primer is (will be, eventually) a strategy game in which the player can play any part, from front-line unit commander to commander-in-chief. A game in which the player can micromanage or delegate to competent subordinates. A game in which the player can contribute to the growth of technology from the middle ages to the space age and beyond–yet nothing is ever prematurely “obsolete.” I also intend this version to become a viewer and helper application for players in the campaign.

As with the previous version, I’m using Pivotal Tracker to track the project’s features and Launchpad to host the project’s code. I would love to have some help designing, managing, writing, or testing this project; if you want more than read access to the features tracker , let me know.



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