Character Profile: Fidelia

On Mondays I generally post background material for my planned series of fantasy novels, the Shine Cycle. This largely consists of profiles of important characters; the previous profile was of Melanie.

Fidelia – Princess at large, knight, great-mage, Order of Merit First Class, member of the Privy Council of Advisors, and former Minister of the Treasury. She is one of the King’s oldest friends, one of his most trusted Voices, and holder of one of the few untitled seats on the Bench of Nobles. She was the first to receive honor at the end of the Banishment.

Of medium height, with long flowing light brown hair. She generally dresses with an eye to function rather than form, and her preferred costume varies from black robes to dresses in bright or pastel colors.

History: When she arrived with the rest of the Chosen in 110, she was publicly commended for her faithful friendship to the King from near the beginning of his Banishment until its end with the Order of Merit First Class. When the war began, the King asked her to sit on his Privy Council. After the war, she remained on the Council but began to study at the Academy. Her career there was distinguished but unspectacular, and she graduated in the same class as most of the students that had entered with her.

After her graduation, she entered the Imperial Service and was placed in the Ministry of the Treasury. After a couple of years of work, she joined a team studying the peculiar economic conditions in the Empire induced by the arrival of the Chosen, which soon came up with the idea of employing them in the Service in even greater numbers until the rest of the economy could bear the labor supply, provided the funds could be found for them.

The next year, when Cassandra‘s prediction of a spacetime race reached them, one of the other team members suggested mass-producing personal arms, armor, and other protection devices for public sale, another proposed a series of animated constructs for personal protection and household tasks, and Fidelia combined these into the idea of Imperial Robo Cards in nearly final form. They began production two years later. Over the next decade and a half she worked her way up through the Treasury Ministry.

When war broke out in 140 she was a Deputy Minister, but was named Minister when her predecessor resigned to resume his commission as an infantry officer and go to the front. She served in that position until the war was over, when her predecessor returned to the post and she resigned. Later that year the King named her one of his Voices and asked Parliament to grant her a seat on the Bench of Nobles.

The next profile is of Matilda.


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