Character Profile: Seth

This is part of a series of profiles of characters in the Shine Cycle. The previous profile was of Renee.

Seth – Visiting Scholar and knight. One of the premier intellects of the Empire, he studied strategy under Cadwallader and law under Argentmentes and is the author of numerous books on many subjects, each of which has become a textbook at the Academy within a year of its release and remained in print for at least several decades.

A young-looking man of medium height with black hair cut close to his head. Soon after he was knighted he adopted the fashion, popular among his year-mates, of doublet and hose under chain mail, but he makes it the lightest he can find. The only other concession he makes to that title is to carry a rapier on his hip; he is more likely to carry a pack full of papers than a shield on his back.

He entered the Academy nearly immediately on his arrival, where he made short work of nearly every introductory course, including solving a famous unsolved problem in metallurgy of long standing on a chemistry placement exam and advancing computational military science nearly as far as the later introduction of computers did by a technique he used on an exam in theoretical applied metaphysics. Less than a year after he began, he interrupted his studies to take a position as an adjutant to a high commander. Once at the front, his suggestions led to the discovery and use of the peculiar properties of what became the Kingdom of Healing, an area then being liberated.

When the war ended he resumed his studies at the Academy, completing the first phase with a concentration in strategy in only a year and a half more. The second phase took him three years, and then he spent four years as the King’s squire. Once he was knighted, he returned to the Academy as a Visiting Scholar, largely studying international relations. After five years there, he was appointed ambassador to the Bow, the kingdom’s oldest ally, in which post he served until he was recalled to lead a regiment when the Sixth War of the Dragon began in 140.

The next profile is of Melanie.


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