“How beautiful the freshly fallen snow!”

(On Fridays I post my poetry … until I run out, anyway.)

How beautiful the freshly fallen snow!
It blankets every curve upon the ground,
Hiding from view every unsightly thing
And muffling every sound that rends the air.

The swiftly falling snow is fair, but I
Would rather have my dear one’s face to see,
Which trammeled snow endangers with its ice.
Lord, my beloved, safe, bring back to me!

I probably wrote this poem in February 2007. It is unique among my poetry so far that it began with a tune, to which I added the first verse, and then the second. (And a third, which isn’t presentable yet.) I’d intended to post this on some day when there actually was “freshly fallen snow,” but I’m not willing to wait until next winter. In any case, I’ve now also posted this poem to my wiki. And, as always, your feedback of any kind (though the more substantial the better), including questions, comments, critique, or suggestions (especially of a real title or what to post next–I’m running out of old material) is greatly appreciated and eagerly requested.


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