Help me pick my best poetry!

[Update, March 2013: After reading cautionary warnings about WEbook, and after it went down and apparently bankrupt, I’m no longer going to deal with it, but I leave this post essentially as is for posterity’s sake. I still want to know what’s my best poetry, but for my planned collection rather than this contest.]

I’ve been planning on entering several pieces in WEbook’s PageToFame contest. As such, I’ve repeatedly pleaded for your feedback on which of my first pages I should submit, and how to polish them before doing so. I still need more feedback there, and the entry price will go up (I think double) at the end of this month, so I’d like to finish this process and enter before then.

But now WEbook has added a “short work” section of the contest, for poetry, “blog posts,” etc. I have a lot more poetry than prose that I consider presentable, so I would like to enter this segment of the contest too. But, again, I need your help. Please read some of the poetry archived on my blog (listed here, but possibly more easily readable in batches here, and I can willingly produce a word-processor file like I did for the prose if asked) and tell me which you liked best. (Comments on why you liked what you liked would be still better, and suggestions of how to revise a poem to improve it would be above and beyond my hopes.) I’ve tagged several of my most reliable and valuable critics (plus a couple who were valuable and reliable critics on last acquaintance) in the Facebook version of this post, but eagerly solicit feedback from my readership at large.

(To clarify somewhat: I think that my poetry has a better chance of success in this contest than my prose, but the possible reward if everything goes as well as possible is greater for the prose: selection in the “shorts” contest means recognition and royalties from their to-be-invented digital distribution system, but passing all four stages of the main contest would mean a book contract. So if you have time and attention to spare, please do consider my novel-first-pages, link and fuller explanation here.)
Please review!


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