“To dance the night away”

To “dance the night away”, or
Merely to talk for hours on end,
Out under the stars as the night grows colder?
There on the dock a meeting of minds,
An invisible reflection of invisible glory —
Is it better than the visible reflection
I see one night each summer?

There by the lake, I now can see
The residue of visions past, to which
I sought too tight to cling, was washed away;
The sorrow of a vanished image now replaced
By shining glory, which remains
Even in darkness of the absence
Of its material and mortal source.

I probably wrote this in the middle of or late in my junior year of college, prompted by the same formative experience I wrote about in “Second Sight”. The contrasting experience I talk about in the first stanza (“one night each summer,” etc.) is the square and contra dance at Evart, which I generally count the highlight of my summer.

In any case, I’ve now also posted this to my wiki. As always I eagerly request and greatly appreciate your feedback of any kind (though the more substantive the better), whether question, commendation, critique, reply, or suggestion (especially of a real title–this one’s first line really doesn’t work–or what to post next), or anything else.


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