“If you’re not she”

If you’re not she for whom I have been waiting,
Whom I’m to honor and to cherish e’er,
Then let the glory lift up from your face
As in the desert from the meeting tent
The fire and cloudy pillar lifted up
When God led forth his people on their way.
For me, where God’s glorious image is,
There my heart has ever longed and followed.
But if you are she to whom I will say
“Where Caia thou art, there Caius I am,”
Then may the glory never part from you,
But may you soon discover the sweet fact
And answer me forthwith with words of love.

This poem was probably written my junior year of college. Almost certainly no earlier, since the original included several lines in Latin. (The line here rendered “Where Caia …” was part of the wedding ceremony in the novel Julia Valeria: A Story of Ancient Rome by Elizabeth Gale, and so was translated from her source to English for the novel, then by me back to Latin, and then back to English for this version of this poem.) I’m now posting this to my wiki. As always, your feedback of any kind (though the more substantial the better), including questions, comments, critique, or suggestions (especially of a real title or what to post next–I’m running out of old material) is greatly appreciated and eagerly requested.

Updated 14 March 2010 with a revision to improve a clumsy line (thank you for spotting that, Libby!).


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