“A Love Unknown”

Blueness of the sky — unprecedented —
Lifts my spirit in me but a moment,
Followed swiftly by the soul’s darkness bleak.
In such a like vein, my friends may sooth me
The hour they are here, causing me almost
To forget my woe while they dilute it,
But once they’ve gone comes back the unmixed draught.
You alone, my dear love, have calming power;
It is your memory that keeps me here
Balanced half in tears; it is your presence —
Only — that’s caused indeed my heart to lift.
But our parting, with you yet unknowing,
Drops me soon back into what seems like death.
Within the space surrounding you is joy;
Elsewhere at best the joyless air is but
Suspended. I, another Orlando,
Here make my halting verses, knowing not
How she whom I would cast as Rosalind
Would answer declarations of my love.

In retrospect, rather hyperbolic. I probably wrote this my sophomore year of college. I think Stef Ensing deserves the credit for coming up with the title of this poem (if not this one, then a similar poem of the same vintage). In any case, I’m now posting it on my wiki, and as always your feedback of any kind (though the more substantive the better), whether commendation, critique, question, reply, or suggestion (especially of what to post next), or anything else, is eagerly requested and greatly appreciated.


3 thoughts on ““A Love Unknown”

    • Thank you, Maria. (That’s a gem I’d forgotten in the years since I posted this.)

      But the question before me now becomes how to “polish” this piece to “bring out” that and its other “best facets” and reduce the amount of “empty verbiage” surrounding them. I must consider.

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