Character Profile: Rebecca of New Badon

This is the next in a series of profiles of characters in the Shine Cycle. The previous character profiled was Mary.

Rebecca – Duchess of New Badon, Minister of Intelligence, and one of the Queen’s most senior personal advisors in the Imperial Service. She formerly served as Minister of both Justice and the Interior and as Ambassador to Arcadia, one of the Empire’s most important allies bordering the Dragon Empire. A founding member of the first Roman Catholic cathedral in the Empire and an active participant in the First Council of Capitol.

Because of her career in the Ministries of Justice and Intelligence, she commonly wears the beginnings of a disguise at nearly all times, but general information about her appearance may be gathered. She is fairly tall, with dark hair of middling length that is usually gathered back out of her face. She always dresses professionally, whether in a robe of office, a formal gown, or even on one occasion chain mail, to offset the overly calming tendencies of her eyes and her soft voice.

When she first arrived, she was made a diplomatic analyst covering Transylvania. After she and Faith became founding members of the first Roman Catholic cathedral in the Empire, she participated in the ecumenical First Council of Capitol. After the Council she applied for field duty and received a posting in New Badon. In 119 she was elected to the New Badon town council.

The Justice Ministry recruited her to work on its comprehensive survey of the entire Imperial legal system in the following year, and she rose through the ranks in that ministry, becoming Minister by 135, and the survey was finished the year after that. When the war began in 140 she was named Interior Minister, and at her suggestion Faith was named Justice Minister in her place. After the war ended in the following year she offered her resignation, but it was rejected and she served until after the Reignalmia incident. In 151 she offered her resignation again, and when it was accepted she returned to New Badon; Faith was named Interior Minister.

After another term on the town council, she applied for Imperial Service assignment, requesting something that could be done without leaving New Badon, and was given analysis assignments, mostly covering Arcadia. She was granted seniority in 157, and was summoned to the Queen’s personal service in 162. After she gained seniority there in 164, she returned to New Badon to encourage war preparations. In the following year she was elected mayor of New Badon. After the district was for two straight quarters the leading district in innovation in the arms race, she was transferred to the King’s service, and in 170 her mayorality was made permanent and she was named baroness of New Badon. The barony was increased to a county in 174, but in 178 she was named Ambassador to Arcadia.

After the First Inter-Universal War ended she resigned from that post and returned to her county, where her analysis duties shifted to both foreign and domestic intelligence analysis. After a supply route to the spider-bombardiers was pirated in 205, she was named Deputy Intelligence Minister. She resigned that commission after the Second Inter-Universal War ended and returned to full-time service to her county. She sent a large group of colonists to the new continent (discovered in 234). After the War of Power she was summoned back to the capital to take over the Ministry of Intelligence, with New Badon being increased to a duchy in 277.

The next profile is of Whitney.


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