“Walking down the grocery aisles of dreamland”

Walking down the grocery aisles of dreamland
I meet with you; you take my hand in yours.
Why are you here? My heart’s not in your grasp,
But rather in another lady’s hands,
And still you grip my palm with yours outstretched.
We walk between the shelves (so indistinct,
Announcing, if I did not know it yet,
That this is but a dream, not true seeming)
Conversing like dear friends (or future mates),
But while I would love that close a friendship,
Between us two it does not yet exist.

This was another dream that I had, but I’ve utterly forgotten both who my companion in the dream was and when I wrote this poem (which would let me put an approximate date to when I had this dream). I will say that this wasn’t in my senior year of college, and probably not in my junior year either, but it was certainly after I started at Calvin. In any case, I’m now also posting it on my wiki. As always your feedback of any kind (though the more substantive the better), whether critique, commendation, reply, question, or suggestion (especially of a real title or what to post next), or anything else, is eagerly requested and greatly appreciated.


3 thoughts on ““Walking down the grocery aisles of dreamland”

    • You’re speaking in riddles today …

      I don’t think that this should be joined to “Dear friend—since we’ve”—or, at least, doing that properly would require either a great deal of work and difficult thought, or an equivalent amount of inspiration, to produce a unified poem. (Though in a collection, if both made the cut, I might put them together, separated by a page-break or a typographical break, perhaps.)


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