“There are no words”

There are no words to tell you what I see,
But that for once I stand surrounded by
A host of mirror-visages; somehow
Each face in its own bright and human glory
In my soul’s eyes reflects the brighter sight
Of God’s eternal glory, dimmed, of course,
That I, though mortal, may in seeing live.
But even dimmed, this glory stirs within my core
The two responses glory always does:
Love, though of which kind (of the seventeen)
I cannot tell, and, deep within my breast,
Fierce longing for more of this glory bright,
A hunger God alone will satisfy,
And only on the blissful shore of heaven.

This poem is rather recent, though there aren’t really any ideas in it that haven’t already been at least alluded to in other poems. On the other hand, I hadn’t combined some of the ideas in a single poem before. In any case, I’ve now also posted this to my wiki, and as always any sort of feedback–criticism, compliments, comments, suggestions (especially of a real title or what to post next), or anything else–is both graciously appreciated and anxiously solicited. (Though the more substantial feedback, the better.)


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