A Backwater Rebellion: Part One

This story was written for a contest my senior year of high school. It’s nowhere near as long as the last story I posted here, but it’s really the only other presentable and complete prose piece I have. Each of the fourteen installments will likely be rather short, since the story itself isn’t all that long, and unlike my other story it’s not well-suited to serialization. As with all my work, I eagerly request and would greatly appreciate nearly any feedback. And now, on to the story …

Portia walked up to the counter and waited patiently. The clerk behind it spoke.

“Good morning, Portia. My congratulations on your knighthood,” he said.

“Thank you, Aaron,” she replied. “Would you check to see if I’ve been posted?”

“With pleasure.” He turned aside and pulled a folder out of a file drawer.

“I requested out-universe, if that helps.”

“No need. Here.” He opened the folder and handed her the packet it contained.

“I thank you.” She opened the packet, removed the first sheet of paper, and scanned it.

“What news?” he asked, searching her face.

“Out-universe, as I asked. They only give a designation number, not a name, but it’s standard-system. The locals—or at least a local mage—requested Imperial assistance, so Father decided to send me to investigate and do what I can. Ah—when does this posting end for you, Aaron?”

“Noon today. Why do you ask?”

“Would you like to come with me? I’ve not forgotten that I gave my word I’d take you as my squire if I were knighted ere you.”

“If it please you, my lady,” he said.

*To be continued ….


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