“A Dream”

In the morning, half asleep,
Waiting for the alarm to chime,
I dreamed a strange and terrible dream.
Standing on the golden shore of a silver sea
Under rainbow-colored skies: I dreamed
I saw Rhiannon standing there alone —
Rhiannon, weeping for her brothers
(Who today yet live!) —
Rhiannon weeping, refusing to be comforted.

I walked alone along that golden strand;
I went to her, to try to bear her burden.
As the fair princess soaked my shirt with tears,
She muttered out how much abandoned and alone she felt,
Then — “I will not lose another brother!”

I said to her: “God has not abandoned you, and
I am here for you.” Then, to lift her mind above her grief,
I said, “Listen to the sound of the sea! Look at it;
Hear the cries of the seabirds. Look over it,
Look to the horizon. Those we love have passed over
Into their rest and their reward, and, too,
Our Lord will soon come to us.”

I dreamed, then, two ways at once, losing that present time
And seeing things far as distant from that shore
Than it is or shall be from this day —
First, when she, despite my efforts, refused all comfort,
I saw her father and me standing on the same shore
Weeping for her as she had for her brothers.
Second, when she took God’s peace I offered her,
I saw her wedding interrupted by the last trumpet.

This was a dream I had in early October, 2007. I got this (perhaps somewhat embellished) record of it down on paper before it faded, probably during breakfast. I’ve now also posted it to my wiki. And as always your feedback of any kind, whether critique, reply, commendation, question, or suggestion (especially of a better title or what to post next), or anything else, is eagerly requested and greatly appreciated.


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