Strategic Primer: Second turn summary

The current campaign of Strategic Primer, my strategy game, recently finished its second turn. (Given the nature of the game so far, though it’s not too late for you to join, and the campaign still desperately needs more players.) In this post I’ll summarize the results of the second turn, including rules changes, interesting statistics, and (as generally as I can), what happened.

There was very little construction this turn, especially compared to the special case of the first turn. (With the missing player’s construction, the first turn the average player used the equivalent of over 318,000 cubic feet of wood.)

The major player innovation this turn was multiple-turn exploration orders. Most players had explored squares around their headquarters fortresses their first turn, covering as large an area as possible while still ending up where they started, but this turn several players sent their explorers off to make several-turn circuits that would end up in their starting place.

Food production continued apace. I introduced a rule about food spoilage because the various players were producing so much food, but it won’t take effect until after the third turn at the earliest. I still haven’t made a ruling on food requirements for livestock, and would like suggestions.

At the end of this turn, newcomers joined each player’s HQ population. I changed the rule slightly, imposing a cap so that the population can grow by no more than half its current size each turn. With that cap in place, the average player’s population grew by 4, or 40%.

There was also quite a bit of scientific and technical discovery, including domestication, though not nearly so much as the first turn. However, I can’t talk much about that here because each player’s current state is to be kept secret from all the others.

Even though I’ve wrapped up the second turn, I would be delighted to welcome a new player to the campaign and help him or her through the first two turns. If you’d like to join the game, please contact me.


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