Shine Cycle Background: “Made Permanent”

Before we get to the characters themselves, some more background. The Sunshine Kingdom and the Shine and Wild Empire have a system of government that is … arguably somewhat weird. There are elements of feudalism (oaths are taken very seriously, and oaths of fealty are in some circles considered the building blocks of society, for example), but it is also a strange sort of parliamentary democracy. Each district elects a representative to the Commons, often combining that post with the office of mayor or governor. But the federal government may choose to make this post (or any such district administrative or representative post) permanent “in good behavior” (i.e. for life unless resigned, impeached, or recalled) by giving the representative a title of nobility.

Nobles, who gain their titles in this way or in one or two other (rarer) ways, make up the House of Peers, the upper house of Parliament, which is not the irrelevant body it is in Britain. (Similarly, the King—elected to serve “in good behavior”—is the limited but quite powerful executive; limited, in that the last King to overstep his authority under the Charter lost the civil war he provoked by retroactively dissolving the Parliament that had just impeached him and removed him from office, but quite powerful in that the government’s executive authority rests on him rather than the Prime Minister.)

And as always, feedback of any kind is eagerly requested and greatly appreciated. Questions? Comments?


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