Shine Cycle Background: Dates, the Chosen, etc.

This is my first essay in what will become a regular feature on this blog: background on the Shine Cycle. (“The Shine Cycle” is what I call my fantasy series-in-preparation, which is why this blog is called “the Shine Cycle Online.”) I’m posting this here now in the hope that any major flaws will be brought to my attention and fixed before I’ve written thousands of words depending on them. Many posts in this series will be [mini-biographies, descriptions, and histories of major characters](, but before I get to that, because I noticed a few items that are mentioned without explanation in several (or for one item, nearly all) characters’ histories, I’ll write a few posts about more general background.

First, the minor issue of dates. This is a very young world. It is metaphysically (and thus physically) different from ours in a number of ways, but one major difference is that all events are dated from the creation of the world. And there are still living witnesses of the world’s first events.

Second, what may be the single most influential event in the whole story: In the year 109, the King of Sunshine Kingdom, Emperor of the Shine and Wild Empire, was banished (the details of how and why are not at all clear) to another universe. Due to the tricky nature of interuniversal simultanaety, this banishment lasted only about a year Imperial local time (i.e. in the world with which we are primarily concerned here), but he grew up and made friends there. When it came time for him to return, he made the rash decision to invoke an obscure point of interuniversal law, dating only from the end of the last war, that gave his kingdom the Right of Choice, the ability to bring a proportionally small group of people to the Empire and all but irrevocably naturalize them as Imperial citizens without the consent of their governments (and maybe even without their consent; that part of the treaty in question was less than clear even on some of the major points).

This group (generally called “the Chosen”), small in comparison to the populations of both its origin and destination worlds but still quite large at over 200 individuals, arrived with him in the city of Capitol in the year 110. The very same week, the leaders of a small kingdom in the Empire rebelled, and the evil Dragon Empire took advantage of this to invade.

Much of the series is a working-out of the impact of these over two hundred exceptional individuals from a high-tech culture on the society and world of the Shine and Wild Empire.

More background next week. But for now: Comments? Questions?


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