Should I change my posting schedule?

For those few who perhaps hadn’t noticed, I’ve been maintaining a regular posting schedule lately: poems on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and prose–fiction or an essay–on Saturday, with the occasional interjection on Tuesday or Thursday. This regular schedule, if not the regular content of each day’s post, began the first week of November.

Before I get to the main point of this post, I’ll mention that the story I’m currently running in serialized form on Saturdays has three more installments, unless I’ve miscounted. While I’ve abandoned my earlier decision to not post my fiction here, I don’t have anything else anywhere near complete, and so will post chapters, or essays, as I have them.

I had thought that I was running out of existing poetry to post. It now looks like that was probably a premature worry; at the present rate, my poetic material will likely last me at least until the middle of February. On the other hand, I have thought of something else that I can post that fits more with the announced purpose of this blog.

As I’ve mentioned to some of you before, I have a rather large collection of characters that I intend to use in telling my tales. (My current count is over two hundred thirty, though I’m likely to cut some soon.) Each of these characters has or will have his or her own story that sometimes intersects the main thread I’ll be following, but which I intend to develop at least somewhat. So what I’m considering doing is (perhaps on Mondays or Wednesdays) posting a character’s “entry”–rather like what I imagine a “Who’s Who” entry would look like, and the source of the “biography” entries the protagonist refers to in the story I’m currently posting (in serialized form) on Saturdays–along with my outline of the character’s history if I’ve gotten to that character yet. In weeks when I don’t have a character ready to post, I’ll post an entry from my “Glossary” or some other mini-essay on the background of the Shine Cycle. (And I’d like to create a page on my blog with a timeline of all major events; does anyone have any recommendations about how to do that?)

But before I embark on this quasi-major change, I’d like the input of my readers. Should I:

  • Substitute this Shine Cycle character/background feature for one poem a week?
  • Reduce the schedule to this new feature, one poem, and the prose post each week?
  • Add this new feature without reducing the rate of poetry posts?
  • Reduce the schedule without adding this new feature?
  • Leave the schedule as is for now?
  • Or do something else entirely?

Questions? Comments?


One thought on “Should I change my posting schedule?

  1. I’ve only recently started reading your material. Generally, I like them all. But, since you have so much for me to read so far, it’s not like you changing your schedule is going to affect me, Until I catch up and am hungry for more words of wisdom.


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