Portrait #3

See the lady sitting at table,
Leaning forward to make her point,
Her bangs held subtly up
And out of her face, artful clutter;
Listen to her speaking the truth
About words that mean more than words
And recorded images of earth and sky —
The others set in circle round with her
Take each point in turn, hearing some
And setting others aside
In the general co-inherence
In the unity of this image of the City;
Let none ignore her voice upraised,
Hard as it is not to hear,
Lest deep, oft almost inspired, insights
On the poems, the art, the world at large
Be thereby missed.

This is from a (so far short) series of what I call “verse portraits.” It probably dates from my junior or possibly sophomore year of college. I’ve cross-posted it to my wiki. As always, feedback of any sort–comments, criticism, compliments, or anything else–is both anxiously solicited and greatly appreciated.


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