“Your first kind word”

Your first kind word since you dismissed me then
Has set my heart to quaking once again
In the selfsame nervous anxiety
That ever gripped me when I sat those days
Waiting in silence for your arrival.
I know not what to think, for in your face
The glory from which I’d near weaned myself
Came back to fullest flood, struck me again
Wit that self-same heartfelt affection bright
That I had very nearly laid to rest
‘Neath dark conclusion that you loved me not.

This poem followed “Nunc dimittis” after a few months. I’ve now posted it to my wiki. Feedback of any kind, including criticism, compliments, questions, suggestions (especially for a real title or what to post next), or anything else, is eagerly requested and greatly appreciated.


5 thoughts on ““Your first kind word”

  1. I like the thoughts behind this poem and on the whole it is executed very well, the rhyming structure is a little odd though, you might want to consider re-jigging it a little, but having said that it is beautiful, it just needs to flow a little better.

    • Thank you for your comment; I’m glad you liked this poem.

      This poem, like the vast majority of my poetry, is blank verse; if a couple of lines rhyme, this is essentially by chance, not by my design. However, I will admit that having such a coincidental rhyme in the first two lines of a poem, as I do here, can be slightly misleading, and so a revision would improve this—but no such simple revision leaps immediately to mind.

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