Strategic Primer computer version in progress

I’ve made quite a bit of progress recently on the (prototype) computer version of my strategy game, Strategic Primer. With the help of a neat new online tool for managing features, I’m incrementally improving the prototype. At present (revision 42) the user (assumed to be an admin) can load and save maps (though loading isn’t working properly), change tiles’ terrain types, and have units move and attack each other and buildings. The code is stored on my Launchpad account. The SP Viewer, a tool for players and Judges of the pen-and-paper game (which is still seeking players!), is also on Launchpad now on Bitbucket. If you’d like to borrow code (I haven’t decided on a license yet), join me in development, look at the planned features (it takes an emailed invitation to add access to Tracker even for read-only viewing), or join the current pen-and-paper/play-by-email SP campaign, please contact me. (As with my poetry, essays, and fiction, feedback of any kind is appreciated.)


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