“Ah, for the olden days!”

Ah, for the olden days! But in those days
In moping moods I would sit, lamenting
Times that even then had long since gone by.
So I say, Oh! for the joys of heaven,
Where we shall find no scarcity of time
As we do here. For that is the trouble:
We have not time to spend with each dear friend
As we feel he or she deserves, and so
We while away still more too-priceless time
In wails and sighs bemoaning days gone by
Through hindsight’s rosy-colored spectacles.

(Caption on my former website: “Written in one of those rare moments where the poet’s melancholy nostalgia broke long enough to laugh at itself. This was published in the first Dialogue issue of the 2007-2008 school year.” Also posted on my wiki. As with all my poetry “titled” only by their first lines, help coming up with a real title would be greatly appreciated, but all feedback–comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, replies, criticisms, et al.– is welcome. I’m posting my backlog of poetry in semi-random order; you may view the (nearly) full catalog at my Calvin website while it lasts, and I will consider suggestions as to what to post here next seriously.)


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