Strategic Primer campaign, having been postponed, still looking for players

By this point it should be obvious: A Strategic Primer campaign (my pen-and-paper/play-by-email strategy game) didn’t happen this Interim. (It’s a good thing, too.) I’m now hoping to run it at a much slower pace this semester, and possibly into the summer. According to the current plan, we’ll run one or two turns a weekend, then one turn during the week, starting either this coming weekend or next, depending on how soon I get first-turn strategies.

I’m still looking for players. If you’d like to play, read my earlier instructions and create a first-turn strategy. Contact me once you’ve decided to play (if you haven’t alredy) and when you either finish the strategy or need help creating it. (Or contact me if you’re not sure whether you want to play!)

As usual, I’ll tag my confirmed players in the Facebook version of this Note.


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