Strategic Primer: Starting Package posted

Potential players of Strategic Primer: I’ve posted a draft of the starting package of advances with which each player begins the game. The only omissions I know of are such things as a granary or a barracks, which, as spaces rather than tools, don’t quite fit into the reorganization I’ve been doing. Here’s the link.

Each advance begins with its unique identifying number — actually two numbers, the “specialty”; to which it belongs and its number within that specialty, separated with a plus sign. (Advances where the separator is a hyphen are from the old database; advances where the separator is an equals sign are “suggested unit configurations” — which aren’t precisely advances.) Immediately following that number is the advance’s name, and then a description of it. The last item in the paragraph is a one- or two-character code identifying what kind of advance it is. The possibilities (excluding the Suggested Unit Configurations) at present are:

  • General Advances (GA): Advances that allow new avenues of research but are not immediately applied. This category also includes nearly anything that doesn’t fit into the other categories.
  • Jobs (J): Professions that soldiers or workers can be trained into. (Known as “character classes” in many RPGs.)
  • Implements (I): Equipment of various kinds. Nearly any object — from walls to swords to boats — fits into this category.

I hope to start a game around the start of Calvin’s second semester. I’m still looking for players.



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